The perfect space for the Industrial Internet

This is unique in Germany: the industrial site newPark will be the first large physical platform for digitally connected factories and services.

Your Location for Innovations

newPark is an industrial site fit for innovative producing enterprises with an extended demand for space. It offers 156 ha (approx. 385 ac.) of developable area and is of major economic importance for Germany´s most populous federal state Northrhine-Westphalia.

newPark is located in the northern part of the Ruhr Area, which is one of the biggest agglome-rations in Europe with more than 5M inhabitants.

Other primary metropolises like Cologne, Berlin, Hamburg, Frank-furt, Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Brussels can be reached in less than 5h driving time.
First settle-ments will be possible in 2019.

newPark´s most outstanding advantage is its mere size. Companies will be able to establish a network of suppliers, subcon- tractors, service providers and researchers within a very close range. Nevertheless, newPark also exceeds other industrial sites with an urban but park-like atmosphere and a flexible infrastructure provision. All of this encourages an innovative environment.

The Vision 2025 – newPark as a platform for industrial collaboration

newPark wants to use state-of-the-art technology to establish a modern network of resource-efficient production enterprises on the one hand and demand-actuated service providers on the other hand. The general basis builds a first class fibre-optic network and a powerful but eco-friendly energy supply. In this surrounding factories can be designed in a smart way and get connected with other players to create an industrial network fit for the 21st century. Within this network, production capacities can be offered as a service, which generates multiple synergy effects. A key role in newPark´s philosophy play new production techniques like additive manufacturing (industrial 3D-printing). They enable a new level of mass customization and are expected to revolutionize ways of production. The whole portfolio of smart services shall not only contain the digital infrastructure (e. g. a shared datacenter, intra-newPark communication networks, IT-security architecture), but logistic or other related services like research, development, engineering, consulting, training and many more.

The industrial ecosystem may be completed by centres for highly specialized tasks like product surface treatment or quality assessment. The chart visualizes a possible status of newPark as a smart collaboration platform in 2025.

Driving force for the Ruhr Area

newPark is a project of mould-breaking regional cooperation.
It has the ambition to set new standards in the field of digitally connected production and to be the flagship industrial site in Northrine-Westphalia and Germany.

A prognosis of an unbiased consulting firm ascertained that newPark will generate up to 8,900 jobs directly and another 2,700 indirectly within the region.

newPark targets enterprises, which have a demand of repositioning themselves under the altering circumstances of the industrial internet and new production techniques like additve manufacturing.
A radically novel en-vironment of smart industrial services shall provide ideal conditions of production.


Contact us:

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Tel.: +49 2361-53-4337
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You can download the english version of our flyer with information about the project and its aspiration to be the first large industrial site for digitally connected factories and services in Germany here (approx. 1,3 MB).